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Multifamily Live

Multifamily Live is a 3-day virtual conference that walks you through the EXACT STEPS to achieve $20,000 PER MONTH in passive income using the “Conveyor Belt” method of multifamily real estate investing.

(Conveyor Belt method = acquiring properties at specific intervals and equity levels to maximize cash flow.)

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Three days of tactical training, plus interactive Q&A, virtual networking and breakout sessions, and the most active live chat you’ve ever seen (packed with real estate experts and successful investors).

Over 3 days we hand you the ENTIRE PROCESS—everything from property analysis and off-market deal acquisitions, to capital raising and syndications, seller finance strategies, property management systems, and more.

Think of it as the ultimate financial freedom bootcamp.

You will come out the other side completely transformed, with a new financial trajectory and the tools and tactics to move forward immediately.

But this isn’t for tire-kickers. It’s not a get-rich-quick plan.

You need to be financially stable already and prepared to put in the work, or this event will be a waste of time.

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