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REIA 244 Mike Sowers: Active vs Passive Investing

Mike is the CEO and founder of Commercial Investors Group, a private equity company that repositions commercial real estate assets. The company offers opportunities to invest passively in deals and is the only commercial real estate investing franchise on the planet.

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Main Points: 

  • Where and how did I start my journey?                                 
  • What is the basic information and knowledge level that a potential franchisee or passive real estate investor should know to be successful?    
  • How we help our franchisees succeed when they first start in Commercial Real Estate – real estate license not required!
  • How do you vet a deal sponsor?
  • Why invest in commercial real estate vs other investment vehicles
  • What is my personal mission: to help others unlock their true potential so they can do the things they were called to do 
  • BONUS: Bring it home as to why commercial real estate investing provides cash flow and is the way to create passive income, build wealth and develop financial independence

Connect with Mike Sowers: 

Biography Of Mike Sowers:

Mike is the CEO of Commercial Investors Group®, a private equity company that repositions commercial real estate assets across the United States using their proprietary software, CRETools®, which allows them to do multi-channel direct marketing, deal analysis, and funding all within one interface. He is the author of the Amazon bestselling book, “Commercial Real Estate Investing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding and Funding Your First Deal,” where he gives away the secrets to his seven-step-system and investing strategy. His company offers franchise opportunities for others to scale up quickly using his software, systems, support, and funding network. The company also offers opportunities for accredited investors to invest passively with them in deals through their CIG Value Add Fund, which is a 506c exempt offering. Mike also hosts of the CREative Commercial Real Estate Podcast where he gives successful investors a platform to give back to those that are just getting started. Mike has a passion for helping others achieve financial freedom so they can spend their lives doing the things they were called to do.