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Building Wealth with Bricks: Journey from Silicon Struggle to Real Estate Mogul with Andrew Kim – REIA 428


  • Welcome to another episode of “Real Estate Investing Abundance,” where we explore ways to enrich your life through real estate investing.
  • Today’s guest is Andrew Kim, CEO and founder of Share, a company revolutionizing passive real estate investment for financial independence.

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Andrew Kim’s Background:

  • Andrew’s journey began in a low-income family, teaching him the value of financial stability early on.
  • His entrepreneurial ventures in Silicon Valley further reinforced his financial lessons, shaping his approach to real estate investment.

Share’s Innovative Services:

  • Share employs AI technology to create customized investment strategies based on individual financial situations, risk profiles, and preferences.
  • The company primarily serves middle management families and entrepreneurs seeking to create generational wealth.

Educational Platform and Personalized Guidance:

  • Share offers an extensive education platform complete with tools and resources for investors.
  • Investors receive personalized support through one-on-one calls, covering everything from financing to long-term asset management.

Operational Strategies:

  • The company operates in landlord-friendly states and partners with large institutions for better property management.
  • Share assists clients with purchasing, renovating, leasing, and managing real estate assets, with a focus on a fixed fee structure for transparency.

Adapting to Market Challenges:

  • Share adapted its business model in response to high-interest rates and pandemic-related operational challenges.
  • The shift from holding assets to providing educational resources and sourcing reflects the company’s flexibility and commitment to meeting client needs.

Clientele and Services:

  • Share’s client base primarily includes investors from coastal states like New York and California, seeking profitable investments outside their local markets.
  • The company offers comprehensive services, including tax filing and insurance, alongside its investment guidance.

Industry Insights:

  • A mention of a congressman’s real estate proposal suggests a need for actionable policies over performative politics in the real estate sector.

Additional Resources:

  • The episode promotes an upcoming real estate investing webinar for listeners to gain further insight.
  • Steve Tucker Capital is highlighted as a resource for achieving financial independence through passive real estate investing, with a unique angle of supporting equine activities.


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