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REIA 265 Martin Saenz: Creating a better life through monthly passive income

Martin Saenz is a Managing Partner with Bequest Funds, a 50 MM dollar fund that disperses returns of 9% to investors on monthly bases. Martin helps investors create a better life through monthly passive income.  He has authored 5 books, 3 of which focus on real estate. 

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Main Points:

  • Inflation is here to stay
  • It’s critical to take control of your finances
  • Need to build your active income so you can invest in assets that produce passive income
  • As you grow your passive income, your active income grows
  • The goal is to have your passive income exceed your active income at some point

Connect with Martin Saenz:

  • 703-965-5188

Biography of Martin Saenz:

Martin Saenz is a Managing Partner of Bequest Funds, which is a 50MM 506(c) Reg. D Income Fund that pays an annual return of 9% to its investors monthly. Before founding Bequest Funds in 2019, Mr. Saenz was purchasing various commercial real estate properties in the DC area since 2009. In 2013, he launched a private fund in the mortgage note space which currently holds 42 million assets under management (AUM). Over the years, he has written five books, three of which are geared toward real estate investing strategies. Over the years, his experience in acquisition, due diligence and asset management has familiarized him with all aspects of the real estate market. Mr. Saenz is considered a thought leader in the real estate, mortgage note, and passive income industry.  Martin holds a BA degree in Philosophy from U.T. — San Antonio, an MBA from Drexel University, and a M.S. in Project Management from George Washington University.