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REIA 339 Mark Updegraff: Appreciation Acceleration: Uncovering Rapid-Growth Hotspots with Mark the Real Estate Maverick

Mark Updegraff is a real estate investor, broker, and business owner, focusing on revitalizing Rochester NY properties while leading the Updegraff Companies. He is passionate about community development, raising capital for diverse asset classes, fostering innovation, nurturing teamwork, and actively developing multifamily space in downtown Rochester.

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Main Points:

  • How do you identify areas that may experience higher than average appreciation for a Metropolitan Statistical Area?
  • What are some things operators should look out for when hiring a property managment firm?
  • What is the benefit of vertical integration when it comes to operating and managing real property?
  • What are some of the most common problems or pitfalls that new investors fall into?
  • What is the best way to underwrite a property and should you trust the underwriting of a 3rd party (even if you hired them)?
  • What are some good tips for working with lenders when you’re just starting out and building a track record?
  • How can you leverage the power of networking as a new investor?

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Biography of Mark Updegraff:

Mark C. Updegraff moved to Rochester, NY in 1997 to pursue his Bachelor’s of Science from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Imaging and Photographic Technology. As an undergraduate student he participated in co-operative work academic quarters for NASA, Pictometry, and as an independent 4×5 film photographer. In 2003, after working for Kodak, Mark took a position in RIT’s Center for Imaging Science and began his Master’s studies in Color Science. Mark took a position with ITT Corporation in 2009 where he worked on video quality metrics, end-toend spectral imaging systems, and electro-optical systems for high altitude aircrafts. In 2010, Mark decided to focus his efforts fully on his real estate redevelopment and private equity 1 Mark Updegraff Biography January 31, 2023 companies; Wedge Redux LLC, Ward Redux LLC, and Raze Capital LLC. These companies rehabilitate neglected properties into fully refurbished, market rate, rental properties in the greater Rochester area. Mark now oversees Updegraff companies in the development, management and brokerage of residential, commercial, and mixed-use real property. His vision for Upstate NY, real estate, and technology are evident through his plans and generated results. Mark is a city of Rochester advocate, employer, entrepreneur, and business owner. He is passionate about striving to provide safe, clean, affordable, sustainable, adaptable, space for the community at large while garnering the best and brightest minds in an effort to stimulate the economy through creativity, innovation, and workforce development. 

Currently Mark spends time raising capital for syndications in the industrial, multifamily, self storage and built to rent asset classes while overseeing the operations of the Updegraff Companies. His leadership style attracts other leaders eager to deploy new technologies, hone their skills and take massive action. Under his guidance associates are able to independently flourish into peak producers in their own strengths. When assembled together as a team a colossal amount of creativity is unleashed and goals and expectations are significantly exceeded.