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REIA 35 Luc D’Abreau: Taking Massive Action by Moving into Target Markets

With Luc D’Abreau, we are going to explore what it means to take massive action by moving into your target market.  Our guest is a limited partner in 445 units totaling 36 million in value.  His goal in real estate is to create generational wealth, leave a legacy, and provide a better life for his family.  He holds degrees in architectural engineering, civil engineering, and an MBA. 

Main Points:

  • LP for 3+ years, now actively pursuing GP
  • Started podcast with wife/business partner to increase access and education for millennials on MF
  • In 2020, had a “business moon” in TX & attended SecretX, a 4 day networking event focused on building business relationships in MF
  • Moved to TX markets to have local presence for GP EOY 2020
  • Target markets are San Antonio, Austin, and DFW
  • Focused on acquiring MF and helping others in family/community build wealth too

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