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REIA 372 Litan Yahav: Turning diamond tech into passive real estate investments

Litan Yahav is a Navy veteran and tech founder; He Exited his last startup 8 years ago and became a passive RE/PE investor – mainly in syndications and other alternative investments He invested in 30+ deals over the years)… He ended up building a new startup for planning and controlling my wealth and the wealth of others – the company is called Vyzer.

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Main point:

  • Anything about passive investing, startups, business formation etc.

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 Biography Litan Yahav:

Litan Yahav is a former officer in the Israeli Navy and the CEO of Vyzer, a solution for investors with multiple streams of income who find themselves spending too much time managing, tracking, and monitoring their portfolios. Yahav and his business partner, Vyzer COO Tomer Salvi were previously co-founders of Segoma, a revolutionary diamond display technology, established and successfully sold.