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REIA 150 Lee Yoder: From Physical Therapist to Apartment Syndicator in Three Years

Just a few years ago Lee Yoder, our guest today, was frustrated with climbing the corporate ladder when he found real estate investing. He left his job, took a big pay cut and started real estate investing. He flipped a house, then a duplex, then bought a small multifamily apartment. He now syndicates 40–100-unit apartments in Dayton, OH. Real estate investing has given Lee and his family the life he believes God has called them to!

Main Points:

  • Getting started with a real estate side hustle
  • Getting clear on your vision
  • Getting your wife on board with your vision
  • Why I wanted to buy bigger and bigger MF properties
  • How syndicating apartments works

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Biography of Lee Yoder:

Lee was practicing physical therapist when he realized his true passion was building his own business and investing in real estate. He took this passion and considerable action to quickly build a portfolio with several small apartment buildings. He was able to quickly reposition this portfolio, bring it full cycle, and provide an incredible return for his investors. Today, Lee is focused on syndicating larger apartment buildings. He is the founder and visionary behind Threefold Real Estate Investing, and he’s committed to forging a path that will generate incredible wealth and opportunity for all involved. His focus is driving the business forward by forging new relationships with top-notch professionals in the real estate world and bringing on more partners to invest alongside Threefold. Lee also hosts a podcast, Threefold Real Estate Investing, which discusses multifamily real estate investing, while also focusing on pursing better relationships with family and a better walk with Christ.