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REIA 017 Lauren Brychell: The Role of Social Media and Branding for Success

REIA 017 Lauren Brychell: The Role of Social Media and Branding for Success

Lauren Brychell

The Role of Social Media and Branding to Propel Any Endeavor

Today Dr. Allen chats with Lauren Brychell, an Investor Relations Associate for Spartan Investment Group, LLC. In this role, Lauren brings her skills in marketing and project management to assist the team with investor-facing collateral, communications, capital raise projects, and investor education. Lauren graduated from Belmont Abbey College with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Right after her graduation, she built a brand for light extraction technology. The tech startup brought that product to market and she then went into the CBD oil industry which is a totally different change. Lauren gets into the systems at Spartan for content creation and some of the apps that help them optimize their workflow, run ads and target their audiences.

In today’s chat, listen to Lauren’s insightful conversation about current marketing scenarios and the importance of branding. She also talks about how social media marketing is important for real estate branding.

3 Key Points from the episode:

  • Branding to add value
  • Brand logo and Tagline should be meaningful easy is understand and eye- catching.
  • SEO and Social media are the critical factor in brand development.

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