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REIA 362 Jordan Berry: Unlock the Secrets to Building a Thriving Laundromat Business

Jordan Berry is the host of The Laundromat Resource Podcast where he teaches us how laundromats can help people achieve financial freedom fast.

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Main point:

  • What are the benefits of owning laundromats?
  • Are laundromats passive?
  • What kinds of returns do laundromats provide?
  • What are some benefits of owning laundromats and real estate?
  • Is there anything else they want to know about owning laundromats?

Connect with Jordan Berry:

 Biography Jordan Berry:

Jordan was a past or for 15 years and transitioned out of full-time ministry into buying a laundromat. His experience buying his first laundromat was not a good one. Instead of replacing his salary, as he expected, his laundromat lost $2,000 dollars per month for well over a year. Desperate to find help to turn his business around, he frantically searched for someone to guide him to profitability. He found no rescue. After finally stopping the bleeding, he decided to share the hard earned (and expensive) lessons he learned on a blog. And then on a YouTube channel. And then, on a quest to find out how the best laundromat owners operated their businesses, he started a podcast interviewing laundromat owners and other industry professionals. These platforms turned into Laundromat Resource, an education and community platform for laundromat owners and future laundromat owners to learn, share best practices, and connect with one another.