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REIA 383 Kevin Amolsch: Private Lending for Real Estate Investors

Kevin is a successful investor and lender, specializing in creative real estate funding.   His company manages multiple mortgage funds and is approaching $1 billion in fundings.

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Main point:

  • Why should we invest with your company?
  • Why did you decide to focus on the financing side of real estate?
  • How did you do it?
  • What is a mistake you made and how did you grow from that?

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Biography Kevin Amolsch:

Kevin Amolsch is a successful real estate investor and private money lender. He earned his degree in Finance after serving four years in the US Army. After college, Kevin spent two years working with Wall Street as a Mortgage Bond Analyst before leaving to work in real estate financing for investors full time. He and his companies have closed on over 2,200 transactions as a buyer, seller or private money lender. He currently manages multiple mortgage funds with more than $750 million in closed loans. He has spent 2 decades as a real estate investor and 16 years in real estate lending. He is the author of 45-Day Investor, a frequent speaker, and has been quoted in The Las Vegas Review Journal, The Denver Post, Yahoo Real Estate, Denver Business Journal, Forbes, and many others.