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REIA 402 Kelly Koontz: Maximize Your Property ROI Through Sub-metering

Kelly Koontz is the President of Submeter Solutions. A company that helps maximize investors’ Return On Investment through sub metering and billing services.

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Main point:

  • How do I recover all my utility costs and have my tenants pay for exactly what they use?
  • How do I divide up my utility costs effectively without it taking a ton of time?
  • I only have one city bill for water and sewer, how I do divide it up between my residents?
  • Can the sub metering technology help to discover water leaks?

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Biography Kelly Koontz:

Kelly Koontz is the President for Submeter Solutions, Inc. Submeter Solutions is based in Kent, WA. Since 1999, Submeter Solutions has been selling, servicing and installing electric, gas and water utility meters and submetering systems locally and nationally. They also provide Third Party Billing services for multi-unit properties.