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REIA 261 Keith Meyer:  How to Go Bigger Faster in Commercial Real Estate Investment, and Do It the Right Way!

Keith Meyer is a purposeful commercial real estate operator and investor who has participated in a diverse set of investment vehicles within the industry. Keith’s family and network of investors have owned and significantly increased the worth of several large manufactured housing communities over the past 25 years. Keith leads the deal sourcing and acquisitions side of Symphony Capital Group, working directly with brokers and co-sponsors to acquire properties which meet his team’s distinct criteria. Keith focuses on developing win-win partnerships which are well-defined from inception, and highly productive upon implementation. 

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Main Points:

  • If you can become an expert in how to put together a capital stack (debt and equity), you can go a long way in this business. Understand how lenders and big equity players interact and underwrite, and develop methods to clearly communicate with both sides of the coin simultaneously.
  • Income producing assets are by far the easiest and most sustainable way to build wealth in this country, and commercial real estate has proven it is the best option of all. 
  • Be a junior partner on your first few deals, and get as involved as you can even if you’re not being compensated for it. This will accelerate your growth more than anything else. 
  • Building a complementary team is by far the most critical component of sustained success in this business.
  • Never hesitate to ask for a referral. It will save you so much time and aggravation.
  • There is no substitute for managing your own rental properties, for at least short period of time. 

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