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REIA 240 Josh Ziegelbaum: Investing in Coffee with the Director of Investor Relations at Legacy Group

Josh Ziegelbaum is the Director of Investor Relations at Legacy Group. Josh is responsible for managing investor communications, onboarding, individual and commercial clients, as well as overall support of company initiatives.

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Main Points:

  • Alternative investments outside the U.S.
  • Farmland as an alternative investment
  • Why alternative investments are becoming more popular with investors
  • The importance of producing a positive environmental and social impact
  • The Green Coffee Company, a Legacy Group portfolio company and Top 1 producer of coffee in all of Colombia, and its additional portfolio investments

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Biography of Josh Ziegelbaum:

The Legacy Group is an alternative asset manager that targets profitable investment opportunities with high social and environmental impact in Latin America. Legacy Group generates value by leveraging their team’s local knowledge and international expertise to provide a direct link between our investments in developing markets and the rest of the world. They give their investors the chance to invest directly in projects that not only produce favorable returns, but also have a positive social and environmental impact on all relevant stakeholders. This includes The Green Coffee Company (GCC). Founded in 2017, the Green Coffee Company has become a disruptive force in the Colombian coffee industry. The Company’s innovative business model allows complete control of the coffee supply chain, from cultivation, through processing, to direct trade with end-clients. Since its founding, GCC has grown to become Colombia’s second largest coffee producer with 4,010 acres (1,623 hectares) of landholdings. The Company is by far the most technologically-advanced producer of coffee in Colombia and, we believe, globally. The Green Coffee Company is on-track to become Colombia´s largest coffee producer in 2022.

Josh is responsible for managing investor communications, onboarding, individual and commercial clients, as well as overall support of company initiatives. The dynamic work experience Josh has gained throughout his career gives him a unique perspective on both sales and operations.

Prior to joining Legacy Group, Josh worked as Vice President of Business Development for Lifeafar Capital, a boutique private equity and asset management firm where he led his team’s capital raising efforts. Before that, he was a Private Banker for Wells Fargo with a focus on complex credit needs and investments in public securities. During his time at Wells Fargo, Josh climbed through the ranks and received multiple internal recognitions and awards for his efforts. He most recently managed a book of business for high-net worth individuals and business owners in Miami Beach. Josh is originally from New Jersey where he studied economics at Rutgers University, and received a Series 7 license in 2017. He is known for his passion around building deep relationships with his clients and for consistently acting in their best interests.