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Blueprints to Prosperity: Josh Patrick’s Journey from Early Struggles to Mastering the Art of Sustainable Business Success – REIA 449

In this enlightening episode, we delve into the remarkable journey of Josh Patrick, a serial entrepreneur who brings a wealth of knowledge. Josh shares invaluable insights and lessons learned from his diverse experiences, guiding us through the essentials of achieving sustainable business success.

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Main Themes Explored:

  • Mentorship and Wisdom: Josh emphasizes the transformative power of mentorship, advocating for the mutual exchange of knowledge between young professionals and seasoned experts. Discover why mentorship is a cornerstone of growth and how it can help navigate the complex business landscape.

  • Values and Leadership: Learn about the critical importance of aligning personal and business values, and how clear communication and effective delegation through the EIA (expect, inspect, accept) formula can lead to outstanding leadership and management.

  • Overcoming Business Challenges: From facing near bankruptcy due to early arrogance and lack of knowledge to navigating through crises like embezzlement and a salmonella outbreak, Josh shares his approach to overcoming adversity with resilience and strategic thinking.

  • Strategic Pricing for Profit: Dive into the Financial Freedom Accelerator program, where Josh outlines how strategic pricing and distinguishing between marketing and selling can significantly enhance profitability and ensure long-term business success.

  • Integrating Marketing and Sales: Discover the importance of proactive customer engagement and how integrating marketing and sales strategies, similar to HubSpot’s outbound approach, can drive your business forward.

  • Personal Resilience: Through personal stories, including his battle with cancer, Josh illustrates the power of scenario planning, transparent communication, and resilience, offering a deeply personal perspective on overcoming life and business challenge.

Episode Highlights:

  • Josh’s Early Beginnings: How early success and subsequent challenges shaped his approach to business.
  • The Importance of Preparation and Wisdom: Key takeaways on how to better prepare for and manage business obstacles.
  • Advice for Young Entrepreneurs: Josh’s recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurs and the significance of embracing mentorship.
  • Learning from Setbacks: Insights into how setbacks, including a public health crisis and personal health battles, can serve as powerful learning opportunities.

Join us as Josh Patrick offers a comprehensive blueprint for business and personal success, grounded in mentorship, resilience, and strategic decision-making. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an experienced business leader, this episode is packed with actionable advice to help you navigate your path to financial freedom and beyond.

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Biography of Josh Patrick:

Josh Patrick is a serial entrepreneur. He started working full time in the business world at 23 years old with a part time employees. Twenty years later he sold his company after it had grown to one with four branch operations and 90 employees. Since that time he has been involved in the world of wealth management as well as helping blue collar private business owners create businesses that are economically and personally sustainable. He has been a blogger for the NY Times,,, and the Huffington Post. He is also the author of Sustainable: A Fable About Creating a Personally and Economically Sustainable Business.