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REIA 210 Josh Cantwell: Traits of Elite Real Estate Investors

Josh Cantwell manages over $40M in private money, which is deployed into multifamily real estate and apartments. He currently holds a portfolio of over 3,000+ cash-flowing apartments. He is the founder and CEO of a variety of successful businesses including Freeland.

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Main Points:

  • Invest for cash flow now 
  • No one is coming to your rescue – Accountability to yourself – Pan Can Story – Design and Build your own life, Your 100% responsible for your own Life
  • Super Time Mgmt. Skills 
    • Individual Management System – Free Focus and Buffer
    • Post and Prioritize – Sunday Nights 
  • Refuse / Avoid Screen Sucking OCD loop – how can I use Tech and Social Purposely, People, places, things I refuse to be around, Negativity, Toxic Leaches
  • Use Technology as a weapon – Infusionsoft, builder trend, HappyCo, AppFolio, marketing software to recruit and manage investors
  • Set Goals w/ Acer Exercise – Absolute Clarity of the End Result – House, Car, Land, Team, Business, Passive Income, Dream 
  • Scale w/ 1 to Many Concept – how can I teach and speak in front of crowds 
  • Service trumps Price – white glove service (property mgmt.) 
  • The Business of Business is People: Nothing gets done without people working the systems. Culture Cures Every

Connect With Josh:

Biography of Josh Cantwell:

 Josh is a true entrepreneur and prides himself on never having had a boss in his entire adult life. A native of Northeast Ohio, Josh graduated from Baldwin Wallace College in 1998. After graduation, he obtained his Series 6, 63, 66 and life and health insurance licenses. He also worked as a Financial Advisor from 1997-2004. Josh has vast knowledge and experience in helping to coach clients and mentor students and borrowers from across the US in finding, structuring, negotiating and closing various types of transactions for a profit. Josh is also the host of the Accelerated Investor Podcast, which has hosted past guests like Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Donald Trump Jr, Jack Canfield, Rod Khleif, and JV Crum III. He is the founder of a variety of successful businesses including Freeland Ventures, Strategic Real Estate Coach, Accelerated Investor Office, and more. In 2004, Josh took his knowledge of raising capital and the financial markets and started investing in real estate full-time. He was able to combine his knowledge of financial investing with real estate to create a very successful business, which quickly grew into closing over 100+ wholesale and short sale deals per year. In turn, he began training and teaching apprentice partners and students. He founded Strategic Real Estate Coach in 2007, and since then has been involved in 1,000+ wholesale, rehab, rental, foreclosure, and apartment transactions, and has taught thousands of investors how to replicate his success