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I wish I had a Crystal Ball with Jordan Silvester – REIA 425

Jordan is celebrated as one of Windsor’s top realtors. He’s a family man at heart and a believer in authenticity. He has extensive experience in investing, both with success and navigating pitfalls within the industry.

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Main point:

  • Why do exit strategies matter?
  • Is it still wise to invest in today’s market?
  • What would you have done differently if you’d had a crystal ball?
  • How does your perception of the value of money change how you use it?
  • Do you regret your decisions as an investor in the past two years?
  • How do you qualify risks you’re willing to take?

Connect with Jordan Silvester:

Biography Jordan Silvester:

With a rich history in real estate, tracing back to learning the ropes from his father, Jordan Silvester has carved a niche in Windsor, Ontario’s real estate market, since 2007. Not just a realtor but a real estate investor, Jordan is celebrated as one of Windsor’s top realtors, navigating through every facet of the journey, from first homes to investments and downsizing. A family man at heart and a believer in authenticity, Jordan defies traditional norms, embracing a relaxed and genuine approach to attire and ethos. For him, real estate is not merely transactional but deeply rooted in relationship-building.