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REIA 322 Jon Jasniak: How to Make Millions Flipping Land

Land Investor and Entrepreneur Jon Jasniak, has bought and sold over 7000 acres of land through over 700 deals, creating a 10-million-dollar land company from scratch. Jon teaches others how to buy and sell land. Most recently, he bought a small town in West Texas

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Main Points:

  • How much capital do you need to start buying and selling land?
  • How much time is needed?
  • How can you scale this business?
  • What makes land different from other real estate businesses and niches?
  • Where do you find the land and how do you sell it?
  • What is your advice to someone getting started in the land space?
  • How can you make passive income with land?

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Biography of Jon Jasniak:

Jon Jasniak is a full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur, specializing in land. He has bought and sold over 7000 acres of land and completed over 700 deals, building a 10-million-dollar company from zero.  Most recently, he purchased the small town of Cornudas, TX. Jon is an author and also a mentor and coach to hundreds in the land space. Now 30 years old, he was born and raised in Michigan but moved to Texas to attend Texas Tech University. Graduating as a petroleum engineer, Jon left that job after 3 years at the age of 25 to do real estate full time and has been in Texas ever since.