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REIA 316 Johnny Wolff: The Future of Living

Johnny’s horrible Craigslist roommate experience led him to think outside the box.  He converted a single-family home to a group home for his friends and realized the potential in multi-tenant real estate investing. HomeRoom was born and exploded despite the global pandemic, raising $6M to date.

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Main Points:

  • How can data-science play a role in real estate investing?
  • What are key things to think about when buying your first rental?
  • How do you level up from one to many properties – and what are the keys to reaching a large-scale portfolio?
  • How can out-of-state investing be better than investing locally?
  • What is the future of property management and how can investors position themselves to benefit?
  • What is house hacking?
  • How does co-living or rent-by-the-room models work? Doesn’t that make it difficult to manage property remotely?
  • Is now a good time to invest in real estate?
  • How do you identify properties that have above-average returns? 

Connect with Johnny Wolff:

Biography of Johnny Wolff:

Johnny Wolff is the CEO and Founder of HomeRoom – one of the fastest-growing real estate investing platforms in the United States. After starting his career as a financial analyst in Silicon Valley (EA, SanDisk, Guidespark), he relocated to Austin, Texas, to pursue full-time real estate investing. After an unusually terrible Craigslist roommate experience in 2017, he converted a single-family-home to a group home for his friends.  After realizing the massive untapped potential of multi-tenant (co-living) real estate investing – HomeRoom was born. Starting with a single home in Kansas City in 2018, HomeRoom now houses thousands of residents in hundreds of homes across 31 cities, growing at 500+% YoY. HomeRoom’s homeowners see 50% higher returns than traditional property investments, and tenants save an average of 50% on rent.  In 2022, HomeRoom was accepted into Y Combinator as part of the W22 batch, and has raised $6M to date from angel investors, the Uplift Syndicate and Y Combinator.