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REIA 81 John Rickgarn: The Secret of Achieving Financial Freedom. . . One Bill at a Time!

John Rickgarn is an investor, educator, and Realtor.  Since 2014, John has been on a path of financial freedom, one bill at a time.  John shares his journey while educating others through his classes, website, blog, and podcast.

Main Points:

  • Growing up, early life
  • “Aha” moment and starting my journey
  • My first real estate investment
  • How non-accredited investors can start small
  • How your NET WORK really does determine your NET WORTH
  • How as a realtor I am tackling this crazy market for my clients
  • Where do I see myself in 2030?

Connect with John:

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Biography of John Rickgarn:

Investor.  Educator.  Realtor.  That is how John introduces himself when asked ‘What do you do?’

Having lost both of his parents to cancer by age 16, John realized that the typical path of getting a job and investing in a tax deferred account for retirement may not work for everyone.

In 2014 after having his “aha” moment, John set out educate himself on building passive income streams.  In 2016, he bought his first investment property:  a fourplex by pulling money OUT of his Roth IRA.  In 2019, John left his “safe and secure” corporate sales job of 12 years to pursue investing full time.  In 2020, John created to share his journey with others and educate others to find their path to financial freedom.