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REIA 379 Jerry Miller: An insider’s view of the current multifamily investment landscape.

Jerry Miller started is real estate investing career 16 years ago doing single-family rental fix/flips and multifamily syndications.   Now 16 years later, Jerry is just as passionate about real estate investing for building generational wealth as he was in his first year of investing.  Today Jerry shares with us lessons for evaluating real estate investments from his journey from full-time IT professional to full-time real estate investor.

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Main point:

  • Are you investing in the stock market or real estate right now, and why?
  • Are interest rates too high to invest right now?  
  • What have you learned from single family properties that applies to multi-family properties?
  • What is the biggest positive and biggest negative surprise from investing in multi-family properties?
  • When do you expect to go to full time real estate?

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Biography Jerry Miller:

Jerry Miller is a successful real estate investor with 18 years of experience in single family homes with BRRRR, flipping, renting to own, and section 8.   He has 2 years of experience in multifamily as a limited partner, general partner, value-add projects, new development projects and capital raising.   His goal is to his day job income with 150% from real estate and then do real estate full time.    About Largo Group We work with IT professionals that are looking to get started in real estate investing.   While single family investments are effective for long term rental revenue, they are not passive and there are many other options.