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REIA 63 Jerome Maldonado: Three Decades of all-around entrepreneur and Residential Real Estate Development & Investment Success.

Jerome Maldonado is diversified in construction, real estate development, restaurants, beauty salons, ecommerce and other endeavors.  In 1998 he stepped into real estate investing as a developer specializing in single family residential and quickly branched out into retail and office.  In 2009 he transitioned his company’s focus to multi-family value ad real estate.

Jerome before we get into what it means to be a diversified entrepreneur, share a memorable experience from your formative years that helped you to be the person you are today. 

  • The mindset behind real estate and business
  • Generating capital through buying land and building houses.
  • Tax benefits to owning and investing in real estate.
  • Why real estate is the single best asset to own
  • Is passive income through the means of multi unit real estate.
  • Owning one investment property makes you an entrepreneur.

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Biography of Jerome Maldonado:

Since 1993, Jerome Maldonado has been a self-employed Entrepreneur. Inspired by his parents’ dedicated work-ethic, Jerome has always had a hunger for success and a willingness to do whatever it took to make his vision for his life a reality.

Jerome began his career in Network Marketing, where he was first introduced to team building, sales techniques, and real estate concepts. After years of hard-work with minimal return, Jerome hit success – big time. By his mid-20’s Jerome moved from making close to nothing to managing his own six-figure business.

In 1997, Jerome began to explore business, outside the Network Marketing arena. In 1998, Jerome pioneered a new construction company which he took to seven figures, in less than one year. With much success came the need for expansion. Understanding the simple concepts and benefits of leasing real estate, he purchased a multi-use retail and commercial property to house his business. Jerome found the traction and confidence which has allowed him to do millions upon millions of dollars in residential and commercial real estate transactions and holdings.

Over the course of his career, Jerome has founded multiple highly successful businesses. In 2003, Jerome Maldonado founded J. Jacob Realty, LLC., which he is still currently the active Qualifying Broker. J. Jacob Realty, LLC was put into place to complement its sister company J. Jacob Enterprises, Inc, which was founded by Jerome Maldonado in 2000. He is still the active President and CEO of J. Jacob Enterprises, Inc. and the Qualifying Broker for J. Jacob Realty, LLC. Additionally, he is the founder of several other corporations and an investor and equity owner in several diverse companies and industries. Today, Jerome is excited to bring over 20 years of professional experience to the world’s business owners and entrepreneurs. He can’t wait to share his knowledge to help other hungry people take their lives to the next level.