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REIA 399 Jennifer Morimoto: Making the Jump: Going from W-2 Job to Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jennifer is an ex-corporate brand marketer, turned entrepreneur and fierce financial literacy advocate. She is the Co-Founder and COO of Madison Investing and sits on the board of the Bay Area Financial Education Foundation. 

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Main point:

  • What was the defining moment that led you to leave your corporate career and start your entrepreneurial journey?
  • In what ways did your corporate background pre
  • Listen to the podcast here or on your favorite podcast app:
  • Watch the Episode Here:
  • pare you for the challenges and opportunities you encountered as an entrepreneur?
  • What advice do you have for corporate professionals seeking an escape from the rat race and exploring alternative paths?

Connect with Jennifer Morimoto:

Biography Jennifer Morimoto:

Jennifer Morimoto is an accomplished business leader, successful real estate investor, financial literacy expert and marketing consultant. While building a successful career in CPG marketing, she embarked on a life-altering journey. Fueled by a visionary perspective and her family’s financial wellbeing, she left her 15year corporate career as a marketing executive to establish her own real estate investing company, Madison Investing. JENNIFER MORIMOTO Madison Investing is a real estate investment firm specializing in real estate syndications.  By partnering with vetted operators, Madison Investing has over $2 billion in acquisitions, surpassing 20,000 doors, and achieved full-cycle success in 13 deals. Jennifer’s commitment to empowering others shines through her active involvement on the Board of the Bay Area Financial Education Foundation (BAFEF) and actively mentors aspiring leaders through the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. Driven by a desire for complete financial freedom, Jennifer and her family embrace a life of wanderlust, propelled by the power of passive income derived from their real estate investments. Her audacious journey serves as an inspiration for women who dare to defy conventions and reach extraordinary heights.