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REIA 392 Jake Harris: No Cost Lending Tool to Restore TRU$T

With his background from 15 years owning national commercial and local residential construction/remodeling companies, Jake Harris created a Next Gen Payment Platform that eliminates STRE$$ and restores TRU$T and $PEED for any Project.

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Main point:

  • Where did the idea for Build Wallet come from?
  • Why has nothing like this been out before?
  • What’s the biggest adoption push-back you’ve gotten?
  • You mentioned Platform – what are the differences between a Platform and Software, and why should anyone care?
  • How does Build Wallet make money?
  • I understand you are still early in your roll-out, but do you have any plans for future development improvements?

Connect with Jake Harris:

Biography Jake Harrisl:

Jake Harris has owned & operated national hotel and local residential construction firms out of Raleigh, North Carolina.  He started his career renovating hotels in 2008, then worked more with Fix & Flip Investors in Raleigh/Durham starting in 2018.  He observed that lack of any true industry standard for payments put undue stress & slowed the projects.  His latest Pay Tech venture Build Wallet is a turn-key Plan / Fund / Approve to Pay Wallet Platform that restores TRU$T & $PEED to any Project. Jake and his family reside in Cary, NC.