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REIA 102 Jacob Perez: Secrets to Successful Real Estate Investing through the eyes of a successful investor and Mortgage Agent?

Jacob Perez is a Real Estate Investor & Mortgage Agent in Canada. He started investing in Real Estate at 23 years of age in Hamilton, ON. Since then, he’s built a portfolio worth close to 10 Million dollars consisting of 40+ doors.
Main Points:

  • How Millennials are Buying Millions in Real Estate 
  • How to Build a Real Estate Portfolio Fast
  • Leveraging Money Partners to Grow Your Real Estate Business 
  • Common Mortgage Mistakes for Canadians 
  • Leveraging Equity in Your Home to Build Passive Income Streams 
  • Government Regulations to Fix the Canadian Housing Market 
  • Growing a Mortgage Business Fast

Connect with Jacob:

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Biography of Jacob Perez:

Jacob Perez, a successful Real Estate Investor & Mortgage Agent, based in Canada. Jacob started investing in Real Estate at just 23 years old in Hamilton, ON. Since then, he’s built a portfolio worth close to 10 Million dollars, consisting of 40+ doors!
Leveraging his investing success, Jacob left his tech career and became a Mortgage Agent in 2018 specializing with real estate investors and those looking to build wealth through real estate.
Today, Mr. Perez guides hundreds of everyday Canadians how to scale from 1-10 properties on a modest income simply by reverse engineering the mortgage process. And if the above isn’t enough to convince you of his great success, check this out:

  • In his first year he more than doubled the industry average in production. 
  • By the end of his second year he opened his own mortgage brokerage, 
  • Synergy Mortgage Group. By year 3 he has been featured nationally by Canadian Mortgage Professionals for being in the top 0.5% of 20,000+ brokers in Canada