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REIA 318 Jacob Garza: Unpacking some of the frequently asked questions about Multifamily

As a co-founder of REEP Equity, Jacob Garza focuses on developing and overseeing the company’s growth strategy while taking a hands-on approach to managing the firm’s capital expenditure projects. His goal is to execute the value-add business plans to insure the investments generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for REEP’s investors. Jacob directly oversees asset management as well as fosters and maintains relationships with key industry leaders.

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Main Points:

  • Why property management is even more important today?
  • Why a well-capitalized property is important?
  • Is this still a good time to buy?
  • What to look for in a sponsor?
  • Best practices for asset management.

Connect with Jacob Garza:

Biography of Jacob Garza:

Jacob Garza, Sr. is a self-made software and real-estate entrepreneur. He founded his first company at the age of 26 and was the sole shareholder with more than 100 employees. Within the following five years, he founded two more businesses that he has successfully sold – the last one in 2007.

In 2008, Jacob made the move from Dallas to San Antonio. Taking a few years off to spend time with family, he got into the real estate industry in 2012. Founding REEP Equity was a natural progression from his experience in property management—and he hasn’t looked back. Since 2012, REEP Equity has bought, sold, and managed over 4,800 Multifamily Housing units. Currently, REEP Equity has over 19 Multifamily properties, 3,500 units and more than $501 million in its portfolio. In addition to REEP Equity, REEP Residential was created as the in-house property management company.