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REIA 358 Iven Vian: Military to Full Time Multifamily Investor. Learn to Asset Manage Like an Apartment Ninja Warrior

Iven Vian is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Anthem Capital. Having retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force after 20 years, he is passionate about the operational excellence and execution of his apartment communities and their impact on their surrounding communities.

Iven’s mission is to grow Anthem Apartments to 300 communities and donate $2.5M in profits to charity by 2030. When he isn’t working on real estate, you can find Iven spending time with family, hiking, and traveling with his family.

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Main Points:

  • Background story?
  • What is your role in Anthem Capital?
  • What are some keys to success with Asset Management?
  • How do you identify a good operator to work with?

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Biography Iven Vian:

Iven is Anthem Capital’s lead asset manager that oversees the execution of all business plans. He has developed sound operational systems to help him manage his portfolio and ensure that the entire building group runs smoothly. He also created excellent business practices when it came time to design new operations procedures, which includes developing staff members to ensure that their entire portfolio is running smoothly. Having had over 15years of experience in real estate with six years focused primarily on multifamily investments, he made big deals happen by developing efficient processes that are now being applied at other companies. Iven’s long track record includes $170 million in multifamily investments and counting with $200 million holding market value and successful projects including a 103% total return on a 210-unit property within three years as well as the refinancing of 111-unit property for investors, which yielded an impressive 70% equity return. His leadership experience in the Air Force has given him a unique understanding of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. His decades-long military career allows for valuable insight that can help those looking into investing in multifamily properties or other businesses where command presence is necessary. You can be sure that any investment will involve some unique insights into military life and real estate. He understands how technology fits into both fields well enough to work together for success seamlessly.