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From Debt to Hundreds of Doors: The Steven Andrews Blueprint for Real Estate Mastery – REIA 447

Welcome to another inspiring episode of the “Real Estate Investing Abundance” podcast, where we explore the journeys of successful investors and uncover the strategies that have led them to success. In this episode, we’re thrilled to have Steven Andrews, a towering figure in the real estate investment community, founder of SoarX Consulting, and the acclaimed author of “The New American Dream.” From managing a retail store while drowning in student debt to becoming a real estate mogul with hundreds of rental units, Steven’s story is nothing short of transformative.

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Main Themes of The Episode:

The Power of Mentorship: 

Steven credits a significant portion of his success to his mentor, Joel, who not only introduced him to seminal real estate literature by Russell Whitney but also walked him through the practical steps of real estate investment. This relationship highlights the profound impact that mentorship can have on an individual’s career trajectory.

Building Relationships with Bankers

A crucial advice Steven offers to aspiring investors is the importance of establishing strong, genuine relationships with bankers long before financial assistance is required. He emphasizes choosing hometown banks for their flexibility and personalized services and shares key tips for engaging with banking professionals effectively.

Effective Communication and Trust

Steven discusses the art of communicating with high-level banking officials, setting clear expectations, and the critical importance of maintaining trust through reliability. These insights are invaluable for anyone looking to secure loans and grow their investment portfolio.

“The New American Dream”

 Steven shares the essence of his book, which serves as a guide for new investors in the wake of the real estate boom during the pandemic. The book covers financing, maintenance, understanding local regulations, and redefines the American dream as achieving financial success through real estate.

Investment Strategies and Misconceptions 
He provides strategic advice on selecting properties with improvement potential and leveraging renovations to finance further acquisitions. Steven also debunks common myths about real estate investment, particularly the idea of it being a passive income source, encouraging investors to be prepared for discomfort on their journey.

Giving Back
The episode wraps up with Steven discussing his charitable endeavors through Steve Tucker Capital, underlining his commitment to community welfare while promoting new investment opportunities.

Special Invitation

Listeners are invited to join Steven Andrews in an upcoming real estate investing webinar, promising to delve deeper into the strategies and insights shared in this episode.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Steven’s journey from debt to abundance through real estate investing is bound to inspire and educate. Tune in to discover how you can start building your path to financial freedom and maybe, find your own “New American Dream.”

Join us next time on “Real Estate Investing Abundance” for more stories, strategies, and insights from the front lines of real estate investing. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform and leave us a review. Happy investing!

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Biography of Steven Andrews:

SSOARX Consulting was created to help every day people get into real estate! Steven Andrews came from a blue collar family. Coming out of college, he was $75,000 in debt and making $45,000 a year. He wanted more and knew something needed to change. He circled back to the dream he had at High Point University after taking a real estate class his senior year. He knew he didn’t have money to put down for his first rental but had a credit card, he could get money off of. That is exactly what he did and used that money to help buy his first rental. He overcame doubts and fears to pursue his dreams. Steven now owns and manages hundreds of properties through his virtual property management company, RMG. With a mission to empower others, Steven is writing a book and founding SOARX Consulting to help individuals achieve their goals by starting their own rental property company. Steven wants to share his expertise and inspires us to achieve our dreams. SOARX Consulting offers an 11 week course, which gives you a step by step road map on how to be successful in the business called real estate. This is the same proven process that Steven personally used to navigate the success that he has had. SOARX Consulting is here to help the next generation of people achieve their dream of getting into real estate!