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Unlocking Opportunities in Probate Real Estate with Sharon Vornholt - REIA 458

Unlocking Opportunities in Probate Real Estate with Sharon Vornholt – REIA 458

Main Theme:
Exploring the niche of probate real estate investing, guided by Sharon Vornholt’s expert insights and experiences.

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In this compelling episode of “Real Estate Investing Abundance,” we delve into the world of probate real estate with veteran investor Sharon Vornholt. Sharon shares her inspiring journey from a career in the medical field to establishing a successful home inspection company, and ultimately, transitioning into the realm of real estate investing. A pivotal moment at a Real Estate Investors Association meeting set her on the path to specialize in probate properties, a niche she has mastered since 2008.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding Probate Real Estate:

  • Probate is the legal process of asset distribution when estate planning is absent, requiring court-appointed decision-makers.
  • Sharon emphasizes the importance of mastering local probate processes before expanding investments to other regions.

The Power of Probate Properties:

  • Minimal competition in the probate market since 2008.
  • Continuous opportunities due to the natural cycles of life and the aging baby boomer generation, creating a robust market for real estate agents.

Effective Marketing Strategies:

  • Developing a strong marketing plan is essential.
  • Effective methods include direct mail campaigns, lead generation websites, networking, and active participation in investor meetings.

Building Relationships with Sellers:

  • Success hinges on building personal relationships with sellers.
  • Show sensitivity and genuine interest in their situations.
  • Utilize multiple marketing methods and address sellers’ concerns with tailored solutions.
  • Maintain rapport through personalized touches such as thank you notes and videos.

Biography of Sharon:

Sharon Vornholt is the founder of Innovative Property Solutions. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in probate real estate investing, offering invaluable insights for both novice and seasoned investors.

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