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REIA 422 Ian HorowitzThe Best Way To Go From Residential To Commercial Real Estate Investing

Former Career Firefighter with Baltimore City turned Real Estate Investor. We have grown our portfolio to over $70mm of assets with a concentration on Self Storage and Multi Family

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Main point:

  • Benefits of Self Storage 
  • How To Grow An Orginization
  • How To Raise Private Capital For Your Deals
  • Can you share your journey from being a career firefighter in Baltimore City to becoming a real estate investor? What inspired you to make this transition?
  • What factors led you to concentrate your real estate investments in self-storage and multi-family properties? Are there specific advantages or strategies you find particularly compelling in these asset classes?
  • Growing a real estate portfolio to over $70 million is a significant achievement. Could you outline some key milestones or strategies that contributed to this growth?
  • Self-storage is often considered a unique niche in the real estate industry. What drew you to this asset class, and what are the challenges and opportunities you’ve encountered while investing in self-storage facilities?
  • Multi-family properties are a popular choice for real estate investors. What approaches or tactics have you used to successfully manage and grow your multi-family portfolio?
  • Can you share a specific success story or deal that was instrumental in expanding your portfolio? What made it stand out, and what lessons did you learn from it?
  • With your background as a firefighter, do you find any unique skills or perspectives from your previous career that have been valuable in your real estate investments?
  • Real estate investing often involves various financing and funding strategies. How have you secured financing for your portfolio’s expansion, and do you have any tips for others looking to finance their real estate investments?
  • Property management is a critical aspect of real estate investing. How do you approach property management, especially when dealing with a diverse portfolio of self-storage and multi-family properties?
  • What are your thoughts on market cycles and risk management in real estate investment? How do you adapt your strategy to changing market conditions?
  • Are there any specific geographic regions or markets that you prefer for your real estate investments, and if so, what factors influence your selection of these areas?
  • As someone who has transitioned from a different career, what advice would you give to individuals considering a similar shift into real estate investment? What skills or knowledge do you believe are essential for success in this field?

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Biography Ian Horowitz:
Since his first rental property purchase in 2012, Ian has broadened his involvement in real estate with property flipping, assisting troubled homeowners stay in their homes, providing housing for subsidized tenants and now working actively in the self-storage industry. Currently Ian and Team own and operate 700k SF of Self Storage. He’s excited that he has earned his retirement from firefighting to be fully engaged with his family and in the company he co-founded with Daniel Mathe, Equity Warehouse. Ian is a licensed private pilot and enjoys his free time in the skies.