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REIA 90 Hugh Carnhan and Dane Logan: Can You Walk Away From Your Business for More Than 30 Days?

By the age of 28 Hugh Carnhan transformed 3 companies into Lean Manufacturing.  His greatest achievement was taking a Manufacturing operation from a 22 day cycle down to 3 hours and reducing transporation waste from 1280 meters to only 36 meters.  Implementing the operational changes cost the manufacturer $20,000 and save them $7MM annually. 

Dane Logan is a Real Estate Investor, aspiring author, and cat dad.  Dane, through partnering with Greater Ozarks Realty, is on a mission to change lives through responsible investing and sustainable development projects. His background stems from technology and human growth and development and believes if you want to excel in business: first you need to grow people.

  • Wanted something more from my life than working a W2 forever. (Went from W2-Millionaire in under 15 months)
  • Attempted to Buy solar panels, then the solar panel guy told him to go buy real estate and watch Bigger Pockets
  • With Zero prior experience, jumped in and bought a portfolio of 26 SFH. 3 weeks before covid struck!
  • Hired a COO (Dane Logan) and implemented 2 Second Lean manufacturing principles to the operations of the commercial properties and within 4 months increased the property value from $2.6MM to a $5MM evaluation. 
  • (used the addition 3MM to BRRRR other projects)
  • Word spread and we were asked to be partners on a Hotel, Motel, and 2 Apartment complexes.
  • Recently bought an Atlas Missile Silo.
  • Excelled in tech and left a very lucrative career to partner with Hugh Carnahan. (and co-run a real estate investment company) 
  • It’s important to partner with purpose and join a mastermind group. Growing alone is hard and takes longer! 
  • Your life and purpose should be becoming a “whole-life millionaire.” The path of Ikigai. 
  • BONUS: Happy = Slow. Where are we all in such a hurry to go? I’ve learned that if you can’t unplug, if you can’t find balance, if you can’t walk away from your business for one, two or more weeks to enjoy the things that are important to you, then you’ve got it all wrong.

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