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REIA 333 Howard Polansky: Optimize Your Cash Flow to Create More Freedom

Howard Polansky helps people take control of their finances to put them in a much safer financial position by engineering the cash flows in their personal life. Howard is the CFO of the Cash Flow Optimizer.

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Main Points:

  • Any special qualifications?
  • Do you have an example of an employee?  
  • What if a big purchase is intended?
  • Can you work with businesses and do you have an example of how that might look?
  • What are the risks?
  • Any amusing stories?

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Biography of Howard Polansky:

Dr. Howard Polansky started his career as a dentist, first with the US Navy before transitioning into private practice in Austin, Texas.  A life changing event in 2018 made Howard pivot away from dentistry and find a better way to create an impact in this world.  By accident, Howard’s new path was revealed when the first person he helped took a 30-year mortgage and paid it off in 8 months.

He shares today the strategy on how one becomes more efficient with their expenses so there is more money at the end of each month, ultimately helping passive investors find the money today when a great syndication comes available.  Today is the day when you learn to become your own CFO – a Cash Flow Optimizer.