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REIA 39 Frank Patalano: From the Safe but Stressful W-2 job to Real Estate investing abundance

Today Frank Patalano takes us on a journey From the Safe but Stressful W-2 job to Real Estate investing abundance.  As a school teacher, he took the risk of growing a real estate investment portfolio that allowed him to leave his secure teaching job.  He is now involved in over 1000 doors in markets across the USA. Since leaving his teach job he has successfully started two other businesses. A podcast, the Cash Flow Kings and a virtual assistant business.  Please welcome Frank Patalano.

Main Points:

  • Your Salary is the Bribe they give you to forget your dreams
  • You have to start building some investment dollars
  • Join a Local Investment Group
  • You have to take Risks
  • Figure out your Real Estate strength. Money, Experience, Time. 3-Legged Stool
  • Goals and Habits

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Frank Patalano Biography:

Frank Patalano has been investing in Real Estate for over a decade. Starting out as a school teacher, he used his income to buy more and more investments until he generated enough money to leave his full-time job. Frank is passively or actively involved in over 1000 doors in 8 markets across the United States. 

He has also branched out with a Real Estate Educational Podcast called “The CashFlow Kings”, and a virtual assistant business called
He mostly has experience in Single, Multi, and Commercial rentals. Frank also has some experience in hard money lending, new construction, and fix and flips.