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Real Estate Investing Abundance

From Rock Bottom to Real Estate Top: Journey to Recovery and Investment Mastery with Mischa Zvegintzov- REIA 429


Join me in this inspirational episode of “Real Estate Investing Abundance” as he welcomes Mischa Zvegintzov, a former home loan officer turned real estate investment advocate. Mischa shares his powerful story of overcoming addiction and how it led him to a life of mentoring and real estate.

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Misha’s Story:

  • Discover Mischa’s battle with substance abuse, including alcohol and drug addiction, and the legal troubles that accompanied it.
  • Hear about the life-changing ultimatum Mischa faced: treatment or jail time, and the path he chose towards sobriety and accountability.
  • Learn about Mischa’s commitment to helping others in recovery through mentorship and support.

Real Estate Insights:

  • Transitioning from personal struggles to professional strategies, Mischa provides invaluable advice for real estate investors.
  • Understand the importance of sharing expertise and properties on podcasts to increase visibility in the real estate market.
  • Mischa offers practical tips and tools like using podcast or to identify and connect with podcast hosts.
  • Gain access to an effective email template that Mischa shares for securing guest spots on relevant podcasts.

Leveraging AI and Databases:

  • Mischa explains how artificial intelligence and databases such as pitch DB can make the podcast outreach process more efficient.
  • The conversation touches on how these technologies can assist real estate investors in expanding their network and reach.

Steed Talker Capital Webinar Promotion:

  • The episode highlights an upcoming webinar by Steed Talker Capital focused on utilizing 401k’s and IRAs for generating passive real estate investment returns.
  • Emphasizing the firm’s dedication to financial independence and support for recovery initiatives, particularly horse treatment programs.

Call to Action:

  • Listeners are encouraged to learn more about the topics discussed by visiting the show’s website.
  • A push for audience engagement with the webinar and an invitation to explore the benefits of real estate investing as a path to financial freedom.


  • Mischa Zvegintzov’s journey from overcoming personal challenges to becoming a beacon of hope and expertise in the real estate community serves as a central theme of the episode.
  • Dr. Lomax and Mischa’s conversation not only provides hope for those in recovery but also solidifies the bridge between personal development and professional growth through real estate investing.

Remember to tune in for more episodes of “Real Estate Investing Abundance” and join the community of investors who are making a difference while building wealth.