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Brain Wealth and Real Estate Health: Navigating the Path to Cognitive Well-Being and Financial Prosperity with Sally Good – REIA 443

In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into the multifaceted approach to enhancing overall well-being and securing financial health through informed lifestyle choices and strategic investments. Our journey begins with insights from the Multifamily Live event, focusing on the ins and outs of passive real estate investment in apartment buildings. This segment illuminates how real estate can serve as a cornerstone for financial stability and growth.

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Shifting gears, we explore groundbreaking strategies for dementia prevention with expert guidance from Dr. Sally Good. The conversation emphasizes the profound impact of early lifestyle modifications, spotlighting the critical gut-brain connection and how our dietary choices significantly influence mental health conditions, including schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression.

Advancements in neurology and genetics, driven by cutting-edge MRI and FMRI technologies, provide us with a deeper understanding of the brain’s complexities and the genetic predispositions to Alzheimer’s and other dementia forms. The episode underscores the pivotal role of diet, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle choices in warding off cognitive decline, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and various forms of dementia, including vascular and frontotemporal dementia.

Furthermore, we delve into the power of mindfulness, the healing essence of nature, the strength of relationships, and the importance of addressing hearing loss as preventive measures against dementia. The narrative celebrates social engagement, positive emotions, and an active lifestyle as keys to enhancing brain health and longevity. Inspirational stories, such as the nuns living symptom-free lives despite brain scans showing signs of dementia, highlight the incredible potential of neuroplasticity and lifelong learning.

Wrapping up, the episode sheds light on the significance of having a purpose in life, avoiding head injuries, and maintaining good dental hygiene in the fight against dementia. We address the dangers of inflammation caused by poor oral hygiene and its potential impact on the heart and brain, reinforcing the narrative’s call for a holistic approach to living a fulfilled, healthy life while preparing for a secure financial future.

Join us as we navigate through this comprehensive exploration of preventing dementia and boosting financial well-being through intentional living and savvy investing.

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Biography Of Dr. Sally Good: 

Dr. Sally Good is a psychologist, author, speaker and life coach who has been working with elders and their families to help them cope with the psychological aftermath of aging and the devastating illnesses that can ensue including dementias of all types, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s. Twenty years of being a scientist/practitioner have led her to numerous conclusions, the most important of which is that dementia is, in many cases, a PREVENTABLE illness. You CAN change the trajectory of your aging journey through gentle lifestyle changes.

She is the author of several courses: The Aging Parents’ Roadmap; Launch the Rocket of Your Desires; Be Your Own Best Coach and the Virtual Toolbox. She has been interviewed on national podcasts about preventing dementia and changing your mindset to create greater health and wellness in all areas of your life.

Dr. Good lives in south Texas with four rescue dogs, pygmy goats, miniature horses, heritage chickens laying blue and brown eggs, and a grouchy old goat named Clancy.