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Cash Flow Mastery: Navigating Real Estate Syndication with Charles Carillo – REIA – 468

Episode Theme:

This episode delves into the world of real estate investing with a special focus on cash-flowing properties for passive investors. Featuring insights from Charles Carillo, a seasoned expert in real estate syndication, the discussion emphasizes the stability and risk mitigation benefits of prioritizing cash flow over property appreciation.

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Key Discussion Points:

Cash Flow vs. Appreciation:

  • Importance of cash flow for stability during market fluctuations.
  • Risk mitigation benefits, particularly for passive investors.

Challenges in Property Flipping:

  • Difficulties faced by flippers in repaying debt amidst market shifts.
  • The necessity of having multiple exit strategies, including the option to rent properties.

Multifamily Investments and Bridge Loans:

  • Risks associated with bridge loans in a high-interest rate environment.
  • Importance of assessing risks and reviewing property documents thoroughly.
  • Key considerations: loan types, cash flow, and long-term debt.

Financing Options:

  • Comparison of financing options, including loans that cover renovation costs.
  • Varied down payment requirements and the importance of working with experienced operators for non-fixed debt loans.

Investing in Real Estate Syndication:

  • Steps to get started including early relationship-building with sponsors and conducting due diligence.
  • Clarification of roles: General Partners (deal operators) and Limited Partners (passive investors).
  • Importance of being prepared for time-sensitive capital calls.

Foreign Investors:

  • Foreign investors need to obtain an ITIN, set up an LLC, and understand tax implications.
  • Discuss double taxation avoidance and compliance with US and home country tax laws.
  • Pros and cons of foreign investment in US real estate, including estate tax thresholds and FIRPTA withholding taxes.
  • Comparison of US real estate market liquidity and financing ease with other countries.

Vetting Syndicators:

  • It is essential to understand the experience and track record of syndicators.
  • Ensuring that those managing investments have a proven background.

Connect With Charles Carillo:


This episode is a comprehensive guide for passive investors looking to navigate the complexities of real estate investing with a focus on cash-flowing properties. Investors can achieve more stable and risk-mitigated returns by prioritizing cash flow and thoroughly vetting syndicators.

Full Biography of Charles Carillo:

Charles Carillo is the founder and managing partner of Harborside Partners. He has been actively involved in over $200 million of real estate transactions since 2006 and has extensive knowledge in renovating and repositioning multifamily and commercial real estate.

In addition to being an active investor, Charles passively invests in many different asset classes, including commercial real estate, ATMs, and early-stage technology and agriculture (AgTech) startups.

Charles oversees all acquisitions, investor relations, and strategic partnerships at Harborside Partners. He is also the host of the popular podcast “Global Investors,” where Charles interviews successful real estate investors in addition to his weekly strategy episodes.