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REIA 161 Eunicia Paret: Are you using real estate to optimize your wealth portfolio?

One of Country’s top Financial Mentors, Educators and Consultants who has helped hundreds of families escape financial dependency and experience financial freedom with the Wealth Freedom Formula

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Main Points:

  • The importance of no longer leaving money on the table because of our lack of awareness 
  • How understanding our options is the key to unlocking untold financial opportunities 
  • Why having a proven methodology and approach is imperative to immediate and long-term financial success
  • Some immediate steps people can take to have a sense of power over how they grow wealth
  • Utilizing real estate and real estate investing to optimize your portfolio and grow wealth
  • The importance of having a financial team (not just an advisor) that collaborates

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Biography of Eunicia Paret:

Eunicia is an accomplished financial expert and business owner with over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry.  Eunicia first honed her expertise by delivering significant financial improvements to the bottom line of Fortune 500 companies and renowned global brands across multiple industries.

Now her passion is to work with individuals who want to optimize their wealth and are looking to take control of their money, minimize tax exposure, and are motivated to seek the answers that the financial services industry is holding back.  She believes that every person should have a holistic and customized financial roadmap that fits their specific goals, needs, and desires for short-term gains and long-term wealth.  

Eunicia is a strong believer that those individuals seeking more for their money and wealth creation efforts deserve to know the unfair advantages that many financial advisors withhold from their clients. Her Wealth Freedom Formula is a personalized financial consulting program offering insights into secrets that financial institutions (like the banks) do not want you to know. The clients that understand those financial secrets are positioned to experience significant gains to their financial outlook because they become empowered with the tips, tricks, and know-how to grow and protect their money… in a way that feels right to them.  In addition to her own business, Eunicia serves as a strategic advisor to several business-oriented groups.