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REIA 119 Eric Bowlin:  How to 10x your portfolio with small multifamily properties

Eric is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and author who retired at the age of 30 with over 480 units of rental property. Eric currently helps investors start and scale their portfolio from the site he founded

Main Points

  • How I accidentally got into real estate, discovered passive income, and dropped out of a PhD program to pursue it.
  • What is financial independence, how I discovered it (and why house flipping doesn’t fit), and how it’s different than passive income.
  • Once I created a foundation of rental properties, I moved from MA to TX and pursued syndications for a while. We can talk about taking on partners to get good deals done.
  • I’d also like to talk about why I rarely take on partners anymore and why I don’t like syndication as a business model.
  • Lastly, we can discuss why I’m focused on real estate education, coaching, and my next training seminar.

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Biography of Eric Bowlin:

Eric Bowlin is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and Amazon best selling author who retired at the age of 30. He bought his first property in 2009 and now has over 480 units of rental property.
Eric also runs the top 10 real estate investing website and has been quoted or featured in popular publications such as Forbes, Trulia, Wisebread, Inc, and Yahoo Finance as well as dozens of popular blogs and podcasts such as Bigger Pockets, Rod Khleif, Joe Fairless, Millennial Money, and others.
He spends his time teaching real estate, traveling the world, and enjoying time with his two daughters.