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REIA 44 Eloy Retana: From IT Professional to Real Estate Investor

Eloy Retana is not only a real investor but he is also the author of the book The Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Mobil Home Parks.  Today we will explore why during the pandemic, mobile home parks have outperformed all other real estate asset classes and why they just might be a safer asset for passive real estate investors to be invested in as we enter a period of economic uncertainty. 

Main Points:

How do you cultivate a mindset to rebuild after losing everything in 2008? 

●       How’d you get into real estate? I thought IT guys had it made, why make the switch to Real Estate? 

●       How did you find out about multifamily? 

●       What compelled you to make the transition to Mobile Home Parks? 

●       How have your MHP’s faired during the lockdown? 

●       Why Florida? With an expected economic recession looming and bank lending tightening its rules, what opportunities do you see going forward? 

●       What do you feel are the keys to successful partnerships? 

●       What’s next for Apex Communities?

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