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REIA 218 Eddie Speed: Tax Strategies for Property Sellers that are Small-Time Landlords

Eddie is a real estate investor, author, highly sought after consultant, speaker, and expert panelist on the topic of note investing and creative deal making.  Eddie is the nation’s most experienced private real estate note buyer. Over the past 40 years, he’s closed over 50,000 Private Mortgage Note deals totaling over $500 million dollars. Through his company NoteSchool, he has also trained over 10,000 real estate investors across the US and world.

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Main Points:

  • I specialize in seller financing and helping real estate investors acquire properties particularly from landlords that are wanting to use tax strategies in order to sell their property.
  • We have been active in buying non-performing notes in various cycles and we are facing an upcoming incredible opportunity with non-performing notes with about $2M loans that are currently not paying.

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Biography Of Eddie Speed:

Eddie grew up around horses, but in 1980 he learned there’s more wealth to be built with a pencil than a rope. That’s when his father-in-law, a pioneer of seller financed notes, taught him the ropes of the note business. Eddie has been perfecting his craft ever since, introducing creative innovations that changed the way note investing is done.

As the nation’s most experienced note buyer, he has closed over 50,000 note deals. He launched NoteSchool in 2000, where anyone can learn the art of creative financing for performing and non-performing discounted mortgage notes. He is the owner and president of Colonial Funding Group LLC, which acquires and brokers discounted real estate secured notes, and he’s a principal in a family of Private Equity funds that acquire bulk note portfolios.

Thousands of NoteSchool students have testified to the wealth building, life-changing power of his tried-and-true, data-driven approach to note investing.