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REIA 296 Don Spafford: Crazy Cash Flow through RV Campgrounds!

Don Spafford is a partner with Happy Camper Capital, an Outdoor Hospitality Investment company who specializes in RV Resorts and Marinas. These are purchased through syndications open to both accredited and non-accredited investors. 

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Main Points:

  • Background in finance and investing in securities
  • How did you get started investing in RE? 
  • Why were you so determined to invest in RE that you were willing to take money from your retirement account?
  • Why did you start with a small multifamily and not just buy a single family?
  • How did you get into commercial RE? 
  • Triple Net multi-tenant
  • MF build to rent
  • How did you end up also investing in RV Campgrounds and being a partner with Happy Camper Capital?
  • What makes RV Campground investing different or better than multifamily?
  • Why diversify into different asset classes? Which do you prefer?
  • Financial Freedom – what does it mean to you?

Connect with Don Spafford:

Biography of Don Spafford:

Don has an educational and professional background in Finance and Securities Investing. He grew up most of his life around Omaha, Nebraska. He lived in Northern Argentina for two years on a volunteer service mission for his Church from 1998 2000. He has now been married for over 21 years with his wife and they have four children. His wife is from Paraguay and together they enjoy the opportunities they have to travel back to visit family there and to help the communities in South America. He bought his first investment property, a four plex, in 2017. Then two more 18 months later. Then he began moving into commercial real estate includ ing ground up development projects and eventually landed with Happy Camper Capital providing syndication opportunities in RV Campground just 5 years after getting started with literally nothing, he has d eve loped a net Resort s. worth of over $1M. He enjoys s In pending as much time as he can with his Family to create lasting memories. He loves to serve and help others. His goal with investing is to help others help improve communities. His hobbies include coin and better banktheir financial position and note collecting, and give back to traveling . Don has very high moral and religious standards and will not bend his beliefs for anything. His word is his bond! Don is someone you will want to connect with!