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REIA 144 Derek Clifford: Leveraging The Power Of Your Spouse To Grow From 0 To 250 Units In Less Than A Year

Derek Clifford, is a self-made W-2 exiter, syndicator, investor, author, podcast host, and husband. Derek is CEO of Elevate Equity, a private equity group dedicated to empowering professional couples to achieve financial independence through passive investing.

Main Points:

  • How to get on the same page with your spouse?
  • How did you grow your portfolio while working a full time job?
  • What is your special sauce? (it’s process building and time management / routines – example, wrote my book in 30 days)
  • How and why did you make the leap toward your W-2 exit?
  • How were you able to raise $1M over a 3 month period across 3 different investments?

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Biography Of Derek Clifford:

Derek Clifford is a successful single and multifamily real estate investor adding 13 out-of-state units to his portfolio in his first year of acquisitions while working a full-time job. Today he is a multifamily investor, author and podcastor of the “Elevate Your Equity” show. In addition to being W-2 worker, he is also the founder and CEO of Elevate Equity, a firm that partners with individuals and companies to purchase, improve, operate cash flowing multifamily apartment real estate. Derek published his first book “Part-Time Real Estate Investing for Full-Time Professionals in 2019, which has helped several people get started on the path of growing their passive income on the side while working a full-time corporate job.

He also loves to give back his knowledge and has a passion for breaking down complex ideas into easy to explain topics. He’s helped many people start, maintain, and grow their portfolios to achieve their own financial independence. In his spare time, Derek enjoys relaxing with his wife, biking, hiking, reading, and undertaking small household construction projects.