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REIA 324 David Chan: The Investment Making Waves in The Real Estate Market: Farmland

David Chan is the Chief Client Officer, Head of Business Development, and Founding team member at FarmTogether, a farmland investment management company with nearly $200m in assets under management in the USA. 

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Main Points:

  • What is farmland investing?
  • How is farmland investing different from investing in real estate in general?
  • What makes farmland a compelling investment? What factors contribute to farmland’s long-term value?
  • Farmland as an investment has been growing in popularity, especially amidst the unpredictable and volatile economic environment over the past 3 years; what about farmland has made it a “go-to” asset in times of uncertainty? How has farmland historically performed amidst a high-inflationary environment?
  • How does FarmTogether work? Please break down your three different types of investment products available through FarmTogether (crowdfunding, sustainable farmland fund, and bespoke opportunity).
  • What is your evaluation process for potential investments? How do you source & vet opportunities? Which regions do you typically target? 
  • What kind of “farmland” is available out there to invest in? Permanent vs. row crops? 
  • What sets FarmTogether apart from competitors? How are returns generated for investors / what are the typical returns you see in this asset class?

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Biography of David Chan:

David has over 7 years of experience in finance and technology across agribusiness. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Atmospheric Sciences from Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Prior to joining FarmTogether, David was a Senior Private Equity Associate at AMERRA Capital Management, an asset manager that specializes in ag investments. He previously worked at Prudential Agriculture Investments, Gro Intelligence, & Barclays Investment Bank. David is also a member of the LEAD NY’s Class 19, a leadership program managed by Cornell for committed leaders in the agriculture and food sectors.