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REIA 404 Dave Foster: Save your Money! Use a 1031 Exchange the next time you invest in real estate.

Dave Foster is the Founder and CEO of The 1031 Investor, a Qualified Intermediary of the 1031 Exchange, and has 20+ years of experience working in all phases of real estate investing.

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Main point:

  • 1031 Exchange Basics: How to keep your taxes working for you with a 1031 Exchange
  • Time is your greatest commodity: Uncomplicated your portfolio less is more – consolidate your investments      to maximize your return with minimal effort using the 1031 exchange
  • How to transition from active to passive investing using 1031 exchanges
  • How to profit in the transition: Navigate your portfolio in a downturn market
  • The portfolio impact of investing with or without a 1031 Exchange
  • When and why to use an Exchange
  • The Six Requirements of any Exchange
  • How to recognize and avoid common 1031 issues
  • What are the latest legislative updates for the 1031 exchange
  • What are the current market trends

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Biography Dave Foster:

A degreed accountant and serial real estate investor, Dave is a Qualified Intermediary and consultant who shares his tax-saving strategies with investors who want to maximize their returns CONTACT 561-308-5778 LinkedIn/DaveFoster1031 Facebook/DaveFoster1031 Create time & freedom with wisely purchased investments. Learn how you can transition from one investment property to another without paying a penny in taxes. With a bit of advance planning, this straightforward process will keep all of your capital working for your own benefit and help you grow your portfolio faster – using your own tax dollars