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REIA 352 Dan HaberkostLand: The Most Underappreciated Niche in Real Estate

By his mid-twenties, Dan Haberkost has managed to build himself an impressive land & development business and rental portfolio that allows him the freedom to live and work where he wants

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Main Points:

  • How did you become interested in real estate investing?
  • When and how did you buy your first rental property?
  • Why the land & development space?
  • What are the biggest mistakes you see business owners making in the context of land? 
  • Talk through goals & how you make them tangible
  • Negotiations
  • Infill Development
  • Your most interesting deal
  • (at the end of the show) What new projects are you working on?

Connect with Dan Haberkost:

Biography of Dan Haberkost:

 At the age of 25, Dan Haberkost has managed to build an impressive real estate business & portfolio that allows him the freedom to live & work where he wants while spending a tremendous amount of time in the mountains and on the beach. Dan’s first foray into the world of real estate investing was as a teenager when he managed a portfolio of properties for his employer at the time, while still in high school! Dan took the lessons he learned from these early experiences and brought them into his own business allowing him to shorten the learning curve and make an enormous amount of progress in just a few years which has given him complete freedom in his mid twenties.  Dan wants to share his experience and insight with others in the hopes that his story will motivate and inspire them the same way he was inspired by so many podcast guests before him!