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REIA 97 Damion Lupo: Why Your IRA will Bankrupt You

 As a seasoned investor in all things real estate and an expert in retirement plans, Damion is leading the charge on financial emancipation to free 1 million people from Wall St.

Main Points:

  • Congress out to destroy IRA’s
  • Control in your Retirement
  • Small Business owners can have complete control of their retirement (Safe Harbor Plan)
  • Alternative Investing
  • Tax Strategy (K-Roths)
  • Education Team at your service
  • The time to take control of your retirement is now.

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Biography of Damion Lupo:

Best-selling Author of a dozen books on personal finance, investment and retirement strategies, Damion is on a mission to free 1 million people from financial bondage. He hosts the Financial Underdogs podcast, ripping conventional wisdom apart for the main street investor looking for truth about money and investing. Not only has he started 50+ companies, he even founded his own martial art, Yokido. Damion Developed the ultimate investor retirement tool called the eQRP. His strategy gives individuals total control of their retirement money to invest in real assets like real estate   , gold, crypto.