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REIA 365 Niccolo Mastromatteo: The Game – recognizing, self-initiating, and playing the untaught Commercial Real Estate Development Game

Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions & Development Specialist, Real Estate Broker, 501(c)(3) nonprofit founder, experienced debt & equity fundraising, and consultant: acquisitions, development, brokerage, copywriting, grant-writing, marketing, data analysis, graphic design & production.

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Main point:

  • What is the “untaught Game”?
  • What does this entail? (recognizing, self-initiating, and playing the Game)
  • Who are the players? (development team, city, citizen residents, etc.)
  • Anything the host would like to ask, whether related or otherwise, real estate or other

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My perspective on one of the many aspects of CRE Development, and if anyone is looking for a consultant (real estate, data analysis and implementation strategy, marketing, copywriting/grant writing, graphic design), realtors considering a new broker in Michigan (or South Carolina) at high 90/10 splits and low 10k caps, or any investors interested in investing in my current multifamily mixed-use redevelopment project at Longfellow School in Eastside Pontiac MI – 180 loft-style apartment delivery with 4-6 commercial nonprofit/local business spaces [35K SF / 8.15 AC] (Phase I – conversion of existing building, vacant former Longfellow School 35K SF to 35 loft-style apt units and 4-6 commercial nonprofit/local business spaces; Phase II – new ground-up construction of 145 additional loft-style apartment units) – call/text/email me at (248) 464-5373 / (248) 238-8345 /

Biography Niccolo Mastromatteo:

Niccolo Mastromatteo is a commercial real estate developer, broker, and acquisitions specialist experienced in finance, capital investment and asset management; 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founder and fundraising strategist; and consultant strategist: commercial real estate specialty, data organization and analysis, strategy development and implementation, social media, graphic design, and video production. Creative and disciplined, big picture- and detail-oriented, with an earned reputation for integrity, knowledge, and capability. MBA graduate, with a liberal arts background and nationally decorated NCAA Division I football career. Real estate broker licensed by State of Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs; Ethical Leadership Certified by NASBA Center for Public Trust; Qualtrics-trained; proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Creative Cloud; social media outlets.