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Unlocking Potential: Cody Payne Explores the Boom of Small Bay Flex Industrial Real Estate – REIA-452

Main Theme: Exploring the Potential and Growth of Small Bay Flex Industrial Real Estate

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing Abundance podcast, we dive into the promising realm of small bay flex industrial real estate with industry expert Cody Payne, Senior Vice President of Colliers International. With over 19 years of experience and a portfolio boasting more than 500 commercial real estate transactions, Payne brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

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Key Discussion Points:

  1. Versatility and Investor Interest:
    • Small bay flex spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to their adaptability and ability to cater to a wide range of tenant needs.
    • How economic shifts, COVID-19, and inflation have spotlighted these versatile spaces.
  2. Tenant Diversity and Retention:
    • Small bay flex spaces, ranging from 800 to 15,000 square feet, attract diverse tenants such as general contractors and service-oriented businesses.
    • Benefits include lower turnover expenses, high tenant retention, and robust leasing prospects.
  3. Tailored Warehousing for Subcontractors:
    • Insights into warehouses designed for subcontractors and construction needs, especially in high-growth states like Texas.
    • Discussion on investment aspects like development, renovation, and strategic location choices between urban and remote areas.
  4. Evolution of Multi-Use Spaces:
    • Transformation of traditional warehouses into multi-use spaces, including office areas and showrooms.
    • Maintaining strong pricing and cap rates despite market fluctuations driven by small business demand.
  5. Zoning Regulations and Strategic Building:
    • Integration of various types of spaces within one site and the benefits of building in less restrictive county areas versus cities.
    • Examples of regional growth, such as in Princeton, Texas, and addressing challenges like traffic congestion.
  6. Institutional Investment and Market Dynamics:
    • The rise of flex spaces parallels the institutionalization of the self-storage industry.
    • Increasing institutional investment leads to higher prices per square foot while leasing rates remain stable.
  7. Collaborative Real Estate Investing:
    • A strong, expert team is important for successful real estate investments.
    • Payne’s personal insights on the value of collaboration and expert support.

Join us for an insightful discussion that will illuminate the evolving landscape of small bay flex industrial real estate and its burgeoning potential in today’s market.

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Biography of Cody Payne:

Cody Payne, Senior Vice President at Colliers International in is a distinguished figure in the commercial real estate realm, specializing in Office and Industrial investment properties within the Dallas/Fort Worth market. With an impressive track record spanning over 12 years, Cody has facilitated the closure of more than 500 commercial real estate transactions.

His tenure at Colliers International has been marked by unparalleled success, leveraging the firm’s robust platform alongside his profound expertise in leasing, management, and market dynamics. Cody offers investors a unique proposition: the ability to optimize value while securing a competitive edge that translates into superior outcomes.