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REIA 307 Chris Long: From bankrupt to financial indepence with one deal

Chris Long is the founder and CEO of Longyards Storage an industrial self-storage company. Longyards Storage caters to contractors needing storage space for their large machines, tools, and equipment.  

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Biography of Chris Long:

Canadian, born and raised in the cold capital of Ottawa. Chris began working at the young age of 14 years old, selling chocolate bars and working on his grandparents’ farm during his summers.

Chris always had big dreams and an entrepreneurial vision. He insisted on working full-time through high school and went directly into the trades after College – all while raising his daughter. As a young dad, Chris had big dreams for his little girl. He wanted to give her a future that he could only dream of having.

In 2013, he opened Conrad Construction in loving memory of his Grandfather, Joe Conrad, who taught Chris his work ethic and taught him to dream big. Once licensed as a carpenter, he ran Conrad Construction until he realized his next dream: Longyards Storage.

Chris recognized the need for storage of the big stuff. He saw construction companies and contractors struggle to store their machines, tools, and equipment. It was time to fill this gap in the market with his new business idea that stemmed from his own needs. After all, if he needed it, he figured other companies did too. He was right.