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REIA 385 Charles King: From Door-to-Door sales to Multifamily Investing Success 

Charles King, better known as Chad, began his professional career as a salesman for Xerox.  Within two years, he became a top producer.  While generating a 6-figure income from sales, he simultaneously studied successful individuals who possessed tremendous wealth.  He came to realize they all shared the commonality of real estate.  With that awareness, he jumped feet first into single-family wholesaling, fix/flip, completing over 400 deals in three years. This didn’t provide the freedom and prosperity he dreamed of.  After finding the missing link he’d always been searching for, he transitioned to multifamily.  Through leveraging partnerships and syndications, Chad developed the financial freedom he’d dreamed of.  Today he owns several companies, and is an accomplished investor, coach, mentor, and teacher.   

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Main point:

  • Many professionals have spent fortunes in education and training to attain positions and recognition in their fields.  They’ve done so because they have a calling to serve and find fulfillment in their work.  They’re engaged and, though fulfilled, often swamped with professional and family obligations.  What would provoke them to take on real estate investing as yet another demand on their attention and time?
  • Many professionals have, what is often considered generous retirement plans both company plans and private 401K and IRAs. Are those not sufficient to build wealth, provide a comfortable retirement, and even leave a legacy for their children?
  • Where is a good place to begin if a successful professional with a comfortable lifestyle and rewarding career decides to explore further growing their wealth through real estate investing?
  • Once a starting point is found, what suggestions do you have for a fulfilled professional, whether an educator, health care provider, architect, engineer, or whatever, to remain engaged in their career and simultaneously develop wealth through real estate investing?
  • Do you have any stories of fulfilled professionals you’ve taught or coached who have successfully navigated the waters of professional engagement and real estate investing?
  • You had a fulfilling professional career in sales.  Even though you still engage in sales, you left sales as a full-time profession.  When you decided to leave Xerox, you burnt the bridges, jumped in feet first, and hit the ground running.  What advice would you share with other professionals who might be considering leaving their professions and going into full-time real estate investing?

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Biography Charles King:

From a young age, Chad was very interested in understanding wealth/prosperity. How did few people come to control so much money and power while others fought to live paycheck to paycheck? What was the missing link? This quest to understand money led Chad to get finance and accounting degrees from Florida State University. That education sadly promoted only the ability to work for someone who had achieved this state of wealth to balance their books or manage their finances. College didn’t teach the individual how to amass wealth for themselves or how to obtain true abundance. After college, the self-education began, which is arguably the most critical part of anyone’s schooling. Chad took a job at Xerox selling copiers door to door, understanding that salespeople could control their own income. The better you are at sales, the more money you make. He mastered the game, becoming a top producer in the company in just his second year. Chad was simultaneously studying successful individuals that possessed tremendous wealth. He noticed a common theme amongst many of them… Real Estate. With nothing but an amazing woman by his side, Chad left his six-figure corporate position and jumped into Real Estate full-time, and Titan Capital was born. It didn’t start all sunshine and rainbows. Many trials and tribulations, failed ideas and false starts peppered the first years of Chad’s entrepreneurial journey. Who knew the market wouldn’t just reward someone with all the riches simply because they dared to try… It wasn’t until Chad understood and began leveraging coaches, mentors, and partners that he started gaining traction. With humble beginnings in the wholesale/fix&flip side of the business, Chad joined the 7 Figure Family and helped him scale to Complete Over 400 Wholesale Fix & Flip Feals in Just 3 Years. However, this wasn’t the freedom & prosperity he dreamed of; something was missing. The missing link was that transactions don’t build generational wealth; equity does. Although making money is essential, preserving and multiplying that capital is the ultimate goal. Chad began taking his profits from flipping and deploying them into multifamily apartment complexes. Starting with a modest 14 unit, he scaled his way up from there. Understanding that others were very interested in the same asset class Chad began to leverage partnerships and syndications to do bigger deals. Chad continues to focus on his skill set, which is finding and negotiating great Real Estate deals. He is now the owner of several companies in different verticals, an accomplished investor, and a business coach, teaching sales, investing, asset acquisitions, and income stream building. Chad’s passion is building generational wealth through investing in assets; he currently owns 474 units of multifamily apartments (since exiting hundreds of other doors) that he has acquired through direct purchases and completing 506 (b&c) syndications. Chad has achieved financial freedom and is passionate about helping others do the same. When he’s not working, you can catch Chad on the golf course or hanging out with his incredible wife and two children.